Special Cash Payments(Inforomation in English)

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Special Cash Payments

About Special Cash Payments, please refer the files.

Example Entry

To fill out the Application Form of Special Cash Payments, please refer the below example entry.

Example Entry_Application for Special Cash Payment(PDF形式 852キロバイト)

Deadline of Application

It must be postmarked by August 24, 2020


The way of application

Postal applications or Online applications

There are 2 ways to apply the cash benefit by postal mail or online.
We do not accept the applications in person at Mizuho Town Hall in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

※For postal applications, please send the forms with filling out the required information on the blue paper and attaching the required documents on the pink paper by postal mail.

Bank Account

In principle, the bank account should be the head of household’s account.

Application by Representative

In the case that representative applying for this benefit with reasonable circumstance, the representative must fill in the fields of representative on blue paper and submit the document that proves the relation with the head of household.

Who can be representative?

1) The members on Certificate of Residence, the person has to to be resistered with Basic Resident Registration in Mizuho Town as of April 27, 2020.
2) Legal representative
3) Relatives or the person who takes care of the head of household at all times.

For Victims of Domestic Violence

If you were a victim of domestic violence and you were escaping from your partner who are eligible for the benefit, you can still receive the benefit by following the appropriate procedures.

Please contact for a consultation to Social Welfare Section, Welfare Promotion Unit

Telephone No.: 042-557-7620

Eligible Person

The information of eligible for receiving the benefit on the Application Form is based on the Resident Registration as of April 27, 2020.

If there is any change on the information of Resident Registration, Mizuho town may not pay the benefit or the amount of benefit may be changed even if the Application Form has reached to you.

How long does it to take to receive the benefit?

Please be aware that time will be needed to process your application before you will receive the benefit.
The benefit will be transferred in around 1 month after accepting your application.
To confirm the benefit payment, please check your bank account.


Please beware of frauds related to the benefit program!


Direct Phone Number for the information on COVID-19, Mizuho Town

Telephone No.: 042-557-6690


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